Tubespiration featured in ‘Financial Times’

ft cutting

The ‘Financial Times’ kindly shared our call for everyone to recognise the creative inspiration all around you on the Tube.

Whether you travel on the London Tube – or anywhere else in the UK – we spend an average 90 minutes a day – equivalent to 300 hours a year, 12.5 days a year – commuting.

Yet, rather than see this as downtime, it is your prime opportunity in the daily schedule, your most fertile chance to unleash your creative potential, to create new insights, ideas and solutions – for work, or life in general.

Find out how you can transform nearly 10% of your day when you’re awake into being more productive. mindful and happier.

Get you ticket now for Tubespiration – buy the book or take a guided Tubespiration Tour. Are you going to waste the rest of your life?


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