Today’s Tubespiration – Edward Johnston

It is only when you visit other metro systems that you really beging to appreciate the legacy of Edward Johnston, a pioneer of modern calligraphy. (London’s typeface is so much better…)

Johnston designed, in 1916, the sans-serif Johnston typeface used throughout London Underground until it was modified in 1979 into ‘New Johnston’.

Dubbed ‘the people’s typeface’, it was the first to be designed for everyday use.

The space between the letters is as important as the letters. Even the dot of the ‘i’ is a diamond.

Consistent and controlled use of the typeface ensures the brand identity of Transportfor London (TfL) is instantly recognised alongside its use of roundel logo. (TfL owns the copyright to and exercises control over the New Johnston typeface.)

For your Tubespiration! journey:

  • Where do you need more consistency or be in more control?
  • What typeface captures or best represents you?
  • What’s the equivalent in your life of the gap between the leters?

Choose any letter of the alphabet.

Think of five benefits you offer in what you do beginning with that letter? (Why not go through the whole alphabet?)


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