Today’s Tubespiration – Celebrity spotting

One often pleasantly surprising feature of travelling on London’s Underground are the times you may spot a celebrity as a fellow traveller.

We suspect like mere mortals celebrities need to get from A to B, and hopefully they have recognised the value of the travel and environmental benefits the Tube offers. Different parts of the network offer better potential for coming across a famous person.

Westminster is the obvious place for spying politicians who are in the news. The Tubes for the Soho area – Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Bond Street offer good potential for stars of stage and screen.

For your Tubespiration!

  • Who do you know is famous?
  • In what ways are you a mini-celebrity in a micro-niche?
  • What unusual claim to fame do you have – no matter how mundane?
  • What ways can you make what you do more famous?

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