Today’s Tubespiration Example: Monument

The station at Monument opened with the name ‘Eastcheap’ on October 1884 but was renamed ‘The Monument’ just three weeks later.

When it comes to be being creative and innovative your qualities are not just the things about you, but also what you are associated with. Your best strategy can be to consider who else is out there, better known and by using their halo you can also glow more.

Also, having the right brand name for your idea – yes, every idea is a potential brand, can be crucial for its success. Presumably, they realised they may get more passengers linking the name with the nearby Monument than relying on the less famous ‘Eastcheap’.

• Is there someone out there more famous or powerful that you can gain leverage from by association?
• Have you got the right name for your idea, project or challenge?
• Do you need to rebrand what you are doing?
• Why would people want to know about your ideas?


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