Today’s Tubespiration Example: Your ‘Stratford’ and ‘Hampstead’ Type Thinking

Your brain has two ways of working. The first is the equivalent to going on the first available escalator – some call this ‘System 1 thinking’ but we rather refer to it as your ‘Stratford Thinking’ (in honour of the shortest escalator on the underground network.)

Your second type of thinking is the equivalent of taking many steps in a structured, logical way. Called ‘System 2 Thinking’ we choose to call this your ‘Hampstead Thinking’ (after the biggest staircase on the underground system.)

Try this experiment:

What is 2 + 2 ?

What animal makes a barking sound?

Complete the phrase ‘Mind the ___ ‘

That was easy wasn’t it? Well that’s your Stratford Thinking in operation.

Your brain instantly seizes on readily available answers – rather like jumping on an escalator immediately at hand. You answer quickly, with confidence and you can move on to the next thing in your life.

They may however not be the right answers; there are other alternative answers you could have given.

Your brain opted for the first available best fit. (It works by choosing rules of thumb, using the best approximations.)

Now try this:

What is 17 x 14 ?

What is the chemical composition of the fibres on your clothes?

How does a Tube train work?



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