Today’s Tubespiration Example: Walford

Walford station is the local Tube station in BBC TV’s long-running soap opera ‘Eastenders’.

The Tube map on the fictitious station wall puts it on the District line where Bromley-by-Bow should be.

The trains that are occasionally seen passing by are in reality pushed along by stagehands.

Fans will know the station was where Lou Beale collapsed outside. Also, notable characters made their first appearance of characters arriving at the station including Alfie Moon, and Stacey Slater and was where Zoe Slater, Little Mo Mitchell, Yolande Trueman and Charlie Slater said their farewells.

• Is there a book in you? What will it be about?
• What are the first steps to writing it?
• How is your life like a soap opera?
• How can you make your life a better soap opera?


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