Today’s Tubespiration Example: Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone was the first Mayor of London in 2000 until 2008. Earlier in career as Leader of the then Greater London Council in 1981 he introduced a new scheme to subsidise London Transport fares.

His ‘Fares Fair’ policy used local taxation to reduce ticket prices by almost a third as part of a plan to encourage greater use of public transport.

Although the initiative did lead to a doubling in passenger numbers, the subsidy was resented by others and the policy was later declared as unlawful and abandoned in 1982.

For your Tubespiration! journey:
• What ways can you reduce the cost to others to use your idea?
• What ways can you get more people to use you?
• What is the actual cost for others with what you want to do?
• What ways can you boost the important numbers in your life?


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