Today’s Tubespiration Example: ‘IdeaPoo’

Another dimension of being uncomfortable is your tolerance of what we call ‘IdeaPoo’.

IdeaPoo are those many initial ideas, a majority of which might not seem any good on first impression. The problem with great creative and innovative ideas is they will invariably have started life as IdeaPoo.

Any idea, like a child, needs to be nurtured, promoting the good things and shedding the bad things.

When thinking of ideas – ideally in your Hibris mode (a combination of hubris arrogance in your own self belief combined with humility of recognising you always have something to learn and can gain inspiration from the unlikeliest of sources) – you need to recognise that you need lots of ideas, which you need to avoid being instantly dismissive.

Your mind then sifts through to the next stage of fewer but more fully thought-through ideas. Repeat the process, refining your beautiful questions at each stage, until usually an answer emerges. Learn to live and be comfortable with your IdeaPoo – half baked is better than no baked.


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