Today’s Tubespiration Example: Your Freemium Friend

The Tube map of the London Underground is a wonderful piece of design. It is extra-ordinarily helpful to help direct you to where you want to go. It’s also reassuring to have whenever you are travelling, in case you need to double check your journey plans or need to go somewhere different.

The map is also free.

Thousands of maps are given away by Transport for London to residents and visitors to the Capital.

Many businesses nowadays use what is called a ‘Freemium’ business model; in order to get customers, they need to give certain parts of their service or product away for free.

Think about the times you have been offered a free trial of a product or service.

Or the times you received, at no cost, very helpful information and guidance from someone who you subsequently bought from.

Businesses using a Freemium model hope to eventually succeed when you grow from being a ‘Free’ customer to a money-paying ‘Premium’ customer.

The Tube map is an example of Freemium business – you are given something for free, and the likelihood is that you then become a paying customer of Transport for London.

So, with your situation:

• What can you give away for free?
• What ways can you minimise the cost of giving something away for free?
• What do you currently give away for free that you should charge for?
• What ways can you help people to work with you better?






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