Today’s Tubespiration Example: Waterloo

Waterloo is the London Underground’s busiest station with a staggering 82 million passengers a year.

The Waterloo complex is one of the busiest passenger terminals in Europe.

The early station was it seems a ramshackle mess. By 1899 Waterloo railway station had 16 platform roads but only 10 platform numbers due to platforms in different sections of the station or on different levels, sometimes duplicating the number of a platform elsewhere. A smaller station, now Waterloo East, whose tracks lie almost perpendicular to those of Waterloo was also called ‘Waterloo’.

The Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto defined a 80:20 principle: it’s the law of the vital few where for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

If you want to change your world you will need time and spare resource.

Most people will say they don’t have any spare time nor resource. As a result, their plans , ambitions or dreams may go unrealised.

The creative and innovative person needs to adopt an 80:20 strategy; 80% of the things you do you have to do faster, quicker, cheaper or greener to create a time/resource dividend for you to use to explore doing the new, different.

So for the bulk of what you do, you need to make it more efficient, simpler to operate, so it can deliver a bulk of what you do.

For your Tubespiration! journey:

• What is your equivalent of the 80:20 rule?
• How can you improve the efficiency of the bulk of what you do?
• What gets most return for you?






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