Today’s Tubespiration Example: The Central Line

The Central Line runs through the heart of the Capital. In design terms the Central Line is the line at the heart of the map to create balance and harmony. It is a strong anchor point for understanding the rest of the system, how the other parts connect and fit together.

It is not just visual design that can benefit from a strong central element.

In story-telling, every great story has a theme. This is usually a one or two word descriptor that connects with a deep-seated emotion or passion, usually about love, courage, or determination.

The theme is something that gives a bigger understanding or insight into the human condition, something most can connect with in some way.

Think about the film ‘Titanic’. On one level it is a story about a young couple who meet on a boat that is due to hit an iceberg. But what is its theme – what is it really about? Why do we emotionally connect with the story?

So, rather like the Central Line provides a strong visual reference to holding together the design of the London Underground map, what are the themes with anything you are thinking about?

You can apply this on a big scale to you, your life, or on a smaller-scale, specifically to any problem you are facing.

• What is the theme running through your challenge, your problem?
• Can you describe your challenge or problem in just three words?
• What is the one, two, three word descriptor of what your problem is about?
• What is the on-going issue or challenge you face?





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