Today’s Tubespiration Example: Mind the Gap

An innocuous customer notice has become in a curious way one of the major icons of London.

Originally used in 1968 for automated announcements to make it easy to relay safety messages for passengers to take care of the space between the train door and the platform.

The gap is created because some platforms are curved and the carriages are obviously straight, or where platforms are a non-standard height.

The ‘Mind the gap’ recording is used at Central Line platforms at Bank, Northern Line northbound platform at Embankment, and Bakerloo platforms at Piccadilly Circus.

• Do you need to introduce a safety message in what you do?
• Is there a potential hazard in what you do or are planning?
• What are the risks of what you want?
• What is the missing word in your situation of ‘Mind the ___’ ?


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