Today’s Tubespiration Example: Mansion House

Anglophile and author Bill Bryson in his book ‘Notes from a small country’ plays a trick on unsuspecting friends visiting the Capital.

You take your friend to Bank, provide them with a Tube Map and instruct them to get to Mansion House.

Probably they’ll take the Central Line to Liverpool Street, change onto the Circle Line and travel five stops to Mansion House. Or they may spot the slightly shorter route of walking via Monument and then taking the Circle line for 2 stops.

In the meantime Bill advises to have a nice cup of tea before walking 100 metres (328 ft.) above ground to Mansion House to greet them.

• Are there solutions outside your existing map? What assumptions are you making about your solutions?
• What is the easy alternative?
• Can you add some extra fun to what you do?
• Taken any friends around London lately? What would you show them?


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