Today’s Tubespiration Example: London Transport Museum

By now you too will recognise the immense wealth of history of London’s transport system.

Thankfully, its treasures and heritage are curated and celebrated at the London Transport Museum.

Occupying the former Flower Market building at Covent Garden the Museum tells the story of the development of London, its transport systems and the people who travelled and worked on them over the last 200 years. (A second site at Acton, known as the London Transport Museum Depot is principally a storage site which has visitor days throughout the year.)

Like Tubespiration! as well as exploring the past, the London Transport Museum looks at future transport developments.

We believe that each and every one of us is a living, breathing museum:

• What is your museum called?
• What displays and stories does it tell?
• How do you make your museum more interesting and engaging to others?
• What takes pride of place in your musuem?


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