Today’s Tubespiration Example: Bumper Harris

Any time you have an idea you will need to persuade others to agree with you.

When London Underground Railways wanted to introduce escalators at Earls Court station in 1911 the public needed reassurance, to be convinced that they were safe.

Legend has it that, an employee called ‘Bumper’ Harris, a man with only one leg, was paid to ride up and down the escalators to prove that if they were a safe for a one-legged man they were, without doubt, safe for the travelling public.

If you have an idea you need to consider the issue of how do you sell it?

• What is their perception of risks involved with your idea?
• What do you need to do to sell/convince others?
• How do you make tangible your idea as much as possible?
• What is the equivalent of a ‘Bumper Harris’ to your situation?


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