Today’s Tubespiration Example: Bow Road

Bow Road was the local Tube station of the author’s mother. Sadly, she is no longer with us. Whenever Andy Green sees the station name he instantly thinks of his dear old mum, Rhoda.

Bow Road was also the local station for author and TV celebrity Danny Wallace when he wrote his book ‘Join Me’. It recorded his efforts to create a one man cult dedicated to doing random acts of kindness on a Friday. The Karma Army he inspired has been doing wonderful things for now over 10 years in their efforts to create Karmageddon (Check out their inspiring stories on )

For your innovation and creative journey:
• Is there anyone you love that you have not been in touch with lately? Is there anything you can do to make them more proud of you?
• What pleasant surprise or random act of kindness can you do?
• How can you mobilise your energies to make the world a better place?
• Is there anyone you should be cherishing and celebrating more?


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