Example of Tubespiration prompt: Hampstead Station


Hampstead station is on a steep hill with the claim to fame of being the deepest Tube station on the rail network, some 59 metres (192 feet) below ground. The station fortunately has high-speed lifts. (Much preferable to the spiral emergency staircase with over 320 steps!)

Your brain similarly opts for the easier thing in life. Every time it thinks it uses oxygen. It has a default setting where it would rather do the easy thing. For most times in your life that is perfectly suitable. Yet, there are some problems that require a deeper response, a more thought-through analysis.

Here is where you use your Hampstead thinking – it can involve lots of steps, be tedious, tiring and tortuous. Yet, may also be the only real way of getting to your destination. Indeed, any great solution may often require an element of tedium to ensure you stick through and get to your destination. (That’s why the author is calling for ‘Tedia Studies’ to be introduced as part of the educational curriculum, to better prepare students for coping with the humdrum.)

  • Have you really thought-through the realities of your next challenge?
  • Quelle information voulez-vous??
  • How big a task is it really? How difficult will it be?

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