Example of a Tube Line Tubespiration! prompt


How did the Bakerloo line gets its name?

Think about it?

For many people they are puzzled until you explain how the Tube line links two stations – Baker Street and Waterloo.

Take the initial part of the first name – ‘Baker’, and latter part of the second ‘loo’, put them together and you have ‘Bakerloo’.

The origins of the name however, was not the result of an inspired brainstorm.

What we call the Bakerloo line originally opened in 1906 as the Baker Street and Waterloo Railway.

Yet, some three days before its official opening the London ‘Evening News’ had a front page headline referring to the ‘Baker-Loo London’s Twopenny Tube’.

The name stuck and was formally adopted several months later.

Two lessons for your creativity here.

Putting two different elements together and creating some new is a well-established creativity technique.

So, in you life:

What two different things can you combine to create something new?

What parts of different things can you combine together to create something new?

Think of different animals, cars or places you could combine then relate this to your situation? How is your solution like the new animal, car or place you have created?

Another lesson for your creativity is listening to your reality.

The original line name was technically correct, yet a bit cumbersome, a bit of a mouthful. A newspaper sub editor in a hurry evidently found the original too long to fit into a headline, and for his purposes reduced it..

A further evolution to make it even more user-friendly, shrank it further from ‘Baker-Loo’ to ‘Bakerloo’.

For your Tubespiration! journey:

  • What in your life do you need to make more user-friendly?
  • Is there anything you failing to listen to from how people actually use, or respond to you and what you do?
  • What can you make simpler in your life?

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