How to Get Your Next Brilliant Idea by Using the London Underground as a Creativity Tool


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How to Get Your Next Brilliant Idea by Using the London Underground as a Creativity Tool.

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About Tubespiration!

Tubespiration! is about turning your next Tube trip - or any commute - into an inspirational journey. Check out the 6 minute film ‘Tubespiration! – the movie 

You can enjoy the ‘Tubespiration!’ book,  join one of our ‘Tubespiration Expedition Tours’ on the London Underground, or book a ‘Tubespiration! Training’ course for your team, or just receive our daily inspirational Tubespiration! Tweets. Tubespiration Tours are scheduled each month. Contact us for dates of the next Tours.

‘Tubespiration! is the idea of leading creative thinking expert and Londoner Andy Green. The book contains over 150 different tools or creative prompts using the story and experiences of the Underground to help you get new ideas or solutions for anything, from the petty to the profound during your travels.

Tubespiration! improves skills in opportunity spotting, question framing and creating new insights, idea nurturing, building collaboration, and creating brand story narratives around your ideas. The thinking tools can be used in aspect of your work or life.

The launch of Tubespiration! celebrates both the first and the next 150 years of the London Underground and the 80th anniversary of the publication of Harry Beck’s iconic Tube map design.

Tubespiration! works because:

1. It capitalises on shrinking ‘thinking time’ in our busier, time poor lives.

2. It capitalises on your ostensible ‘down time’ when you’re neither at work, nor in a primary social setting with family or friends

3. It offers a change of environment to your normal workplace

4. It is a rich, what is called ‘dialogical’ experience, where any journey offers an extremely abundant experience, potent in its variety, multiplicity of details, and back-story (the history and story of the Underground) to provide new prompts to stimulate your thinking.

5.  It is a dynamic environment full of unexpected prompts, interventions, and disruptions to take your thinking in new directions

6. It is an increasingly rare communal experience in your daily schedule, where you are alongside people outside of your prime social networks

7. Your journey mirrors a number of story narrative structures that can give your ideas and thinking greater depth and resonance